AI Repeatedly casts "spell" side of Adventure cards [Investigating]

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I think we're all familiar with the "Adventure" mechanic on cards from the Edraine block.  It's a two-sided card, one side being a creature, the other being a spell.  When you cast the Spell side, the Creature side - and only this "side" - returns to your hand, allowing you to cast the creature.
During the Fables of Eldraine event while on the "Curious Pair" stage, I noticed that the AI was casting the Spell side of Oakhome Ranger/Bring Back and Curious Pair/Treats to Share over and over again, without ever casting the Creature side.  I had to play this stage a couple times as I had to carefully watch the number of cards the AI had in hand before I was reasonably certain that the AI was not following the rules of the Adventure mechanic.  I can't say for absolute certainty that this is the case, since I'm not privy to what's happening in my opponent's hand. 
The behavior should be fairly easy to reproduce - just play the Curious Pair stage and count/keep track of the number of Adventure cards that are played by the AI.  If anyone else has noticed this - or thinks I'm hallucinating - please respond accordingly.


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    I can confirm it's happening. I use NB2 and prevent Greg from drawing cards. He's able to cast the spell side more times than he has cards in hand.
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    This is the return of an old bug (or one that was never fixed and we stopped noticing!!)
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    Thanks @Jagman and @TheHunter - I appreciate the assistance.
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


  • Anonymous2112
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    Since we have another Fables of Eldraine event running, I thought I'd post a gentle reminder that the AI still plays cards with the adventure mechanic over and over.  I see that this post has an "Investigating" tag, so here's to hoping that this will eventually be resolved.
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    @Oktagon_Support video taken  
  • Julie71
    Julie71 MTGPQ Mod Posts: 666 Critical Contributor i think these are related @Oktagon_Support (flip cards) when pulled from them graveyard or exiled freeze the game
  • Julie71
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    I think Greg's flip cards are going to his graveyard.   and could be one reason why he's able to play it multiple times??
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    The Fables of Eldraine event is running and you know what that means, right?  Yep, it's another round of "Hey, the opponent continually casts the spell side of (the same) adventure cards over and over again".

    If the developers have no intention of fixing this bug, it would be polite to at least state as much.  I'm starting to feel that the "Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!" response is simply on a continuous loop, with no actual effort taking place.  Maybe instead of working on a new unbalanced event that everyone seems to hate, some time could be spent fixing the game?

    Just a thought.

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    This is VERY annoying, especially on the food node, which powers the AI's ability to cast all of his cards at once. @Oktagon_Support, is this on your radar and do you have an ETA for this?
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    Just played the Curious Pair node and screen captured the match. I can absolutely confirm that the AI casts the spell side of adventure cards multiple times before (if ever) playing the creature. This is another bug that seems not to be a bug, as this is is 19 months since the initial report and 18 months since Oktagon acknowledged they are investigating. Seems that the devs either don't know how to fix the problem or that this intentionally left in or in by design from the beginning.