event matchmaking [As designed]

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seems a number of players with lower leveled walkers are being matched against level 60 walkers.  @Oktagon_Support


  • souki12
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    Some of the opponents also do not start with full health.
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    I also saw reports of players in platinum being matched against players that not even in platinum on any of the 5 colors. So it is probably happening the other way around as well. Players that are not in platinum being paired against platinum players.
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    After I saw all the reports I decided to pay attention to what was happening and who I was being match against and here is the evidence of my last 2 Matrimonium matches.

    On this one I was matched against a level 33 Tamiyo from a bronce tier player that is at level 29.


    And on my very last fight I was matched against a level 41 basic Nissa from a player that just reached silver tier on 2 colors and is at level 26.


    All this while I have all my Planeswalkers at level 60 and I'm at level 264 myself.
  • souki12
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    I can confirm that this is happening.

    I'm now matched against 40 lvl Daxos from a bronze tier.

    I'm in platinum and play a lvl 60 Kasmina.
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    Definitely happening the other way around. I was matched up against a level 18 player who was bronze in every category. I’m level 100+ platinum.
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    My alt account is in silver. For the 10 matches I've played so far, 3 were against a gold tier player and 7 against platinum tier players.

    My account in plat faced several silver and 1 bronze level opponent.
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    I also faced 2 lower tiers with not max level pw
  • Bacchus
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    On the bottom node of the matrimony event my level 40 garruk cursed huntsman faced 7 opponents in a row that were level 60.

    on the top node, my level 60 teferi hero of dominaria also faced a level 42 liliana, defiant necromancer. The test were level 60. 

    im in platinum tier, I didn’t check what tier my opponents may have been. 
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    My matches included level 40 and 47 players.
    Also Opponents with Zero Points were matched running a deck that was surely not used in this event (already reported here). For Example: my Opponent played Minsc, Beloved Ranger and foretell-cards...
  • Oktagon_Support
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


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    We are once again playing Matrimonium with the event matchmaking system not working at all. Players from Platinum playing against bronze players and vice versa and Planeswalkers at lower level being matched against max level Planeswalkers. Please don't schedule this event again before this issue is fixed because it only makes it borderline impossible to win for players on low tiers being matched against veterans with almost complete collections.
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    @Oktagon_Support here's the collection of my "Silver" tier matches:









    9. That one almost got me  :/

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    you may blackout your opponents names for the rules of the forum
    A not working match system is making this game mostly unplayable for new players,  I agree.
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    In Matrimonium this week, matches of Bronze and Silver with Platinum and sometimes Gold were not rare exceptions.

    I took screenshots of 11 of the 28 matches I played with two accounts, one Bronze and one Silver, and each and every single one was against a Gold or Platinum account: 3 Gold and 8 Platinum.

    My team mate in Silver posted six screenshots of matches against Platinum players.

    If this were the only problem, perhaps it wouldn't matter. But it exacerbates the already existing outrageous RNG swings. Such a swing accounted for my only loss in the event. I can only imagine how these two imbalances affect other players.
  • BongoTheGrey
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    I was convinced that this event matchmaking issue was 100% exclusive from Matrimonium. I just found out today that it is also happening in other events. A coalition mate send me his screenshots from today's Trial of the Planes - White where he had to face several Platinum players during the event even though he is in Gold. He is in Gold not even close to being Platinum and faces players that have been Platinum tier for a while.

    I'm sharing here screenshots from 3 of his matches.

    First match:

    Second match:

    Third match:

    His profile:

    This matchmaking bug can be really punishing for newer players and make them lose interest in the game. Please fix this so everyone can still enjoy the game