On Introducing... Events

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Hi all, wanted to give a heads up that we’re going to be shifting direction a bit on development to put some more time on some other features. Towards that end, we’re going to be suspending active development on new Introducing… Events for new characters for the foreseeable future.

We know that a lot of you like seeing the origins of characters that come into the game, not to mention the rewards that come out of clearing the event. So rather than just cut these out of the game then going radio silent on reasoning, we wanted to at least let you know where we’re redistributing the efforts we’d be putting into these pieces of content.

Essentially, with the freed design and dev space that we’ll get from these events, we’ll shift resources to ramping up the creation and refinement of Event Quests similar to how the current Holiday Event Quests work. We’ll also be spreading the rewards that players would have gotten in the Introducing… Events into these Quests so that players won’t miss out on those due to the change in content.

We don’t yet have an exact date as to when these Event Quests will be starting up, as we need to get the dev(s) responsible shifted over and ramped up on that portion of work from being deep in the comics history mines first. When we have more information available there, we’ll share it!

Thanks as always for playing and supporting Marvel Puzzle Quest!

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