Crashes occurring when switching between apps

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sharing here, since CS is taking several days to come up with a solution.

Since last update, every time I switch between MPQ and another app (i.e. Line, WhatsApp, phone), the game crashes and no tap is responding. I need to force-close the app and restart it.

I am encountering this issue at least 20 times a day, the game is completely unplayable.

I also looked into the FAQ section ( . My Google account is signed in and... yeah, I have a stable connection.

Anybody else? 


  • KGB
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    edited December 2021
    How much RAM does your phone have and what kind of phone is it? I wonder if you are running out of RAM and the phone is force closing apps to free memory.
  • KillStormFirst
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    Mine did that when cookies were set to “don’t allow” on my laptop and when I was in power save mode on mobile.