Cannot connect error on Android.

This is more of a FYI than a current issue.

After the most recent update, I was unable to connect to the game, it would pop up the unable to connect window and then I would have to Force Stop the game to try again as it would just hang on that page.

The issue is, if you have your Wifi adapter turned on but are not connected to a signal, the game cannot use your cellular signal. In order to resolve this issue, do not uninstall your game as you will have to start over from scratch and contact support to get your old data back (I know because that is the situation that I am in now). Instead if you are not connected to Wifi, then turn off your adapter and if you have the cellular signal, it should connect fine.

I was able to figure this out over the weekend so hopefully if you are running into the same problem you will read this before you uninstall. If you do as I did, just contact support through the envelope icon in game and wait for support to contact you, usually takes a day or two.
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