4* Farm?

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I just entered 5* land as I unloaded for Shang-Chi and champed 6 of my 5* characters (Shang-Chi, Okoye, Thor, BRB, Carnage, Professor X.  I have something like 7mil ISO and a number of underleveled 4* characters. 

I am wondering if it is worth it to champ all of them. My 2* and 3* farm has worked out well for me, so I figure a 4* farm would be beneficial as well, but was hoping to have some experts weigh in to help decide what to do with all that ISO.  I have a number of champed 4*s already - ones that I like or are useful, but many others that are still at level 70 with lots of saved covers (examples are Electra with 18 saved covers or Spider Woman with 20 saved covers).  I also have some 5*s that are underleveled as well (7 covers of Silver Surfer at level 255 for example, as well as Gamora, Hela, and Ultron nearly fully covered at level 255).

For all you 5* studs, what is your strategy?


  • DAZ0273
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    4* covers spit out lots of CP and also a significant reward every 10 covers. As a 5* player you are going to most likely be looking at obtaining more 5* characters and the more resources you have to do that then the better. You will also inevitably collect more and more 4* covers as you go so you might as well turn them into progress towards more resources.
    The flip side of course is that you will have a collection of characters that rarely get any play outside of Essentials. However there are certain 4* that tend to get PvP rotation on an annual basis - those connected with Halloween for example so it might be worth champing those. We can probably reliably guess that Infinite War Spidey will get a a PvP run out for Spider-man No Way Home (maybe Lizard and Sandman too) and Kate Bishop maybe for Hawkeye so if you don't have those champed and can do so it might be worth it.