300 CP vanished after a match

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Hi Everyone
I'm collecting CP and want to deal them in on Monday. Suddenly I see after a Simulation match, that instead of 51XX it went down to 4849. I'm sure it was around 5150 (dont know it exactly) and suddenly it is around 300 CP lower. Restart didnt help. I checked the store if I could have accidentually bought something but I dont find anythin for 250-300 CP in the store and im sure no 5° cover has been added. 

Is that a glitch or a hack? Someone else made this experience once? Is there a chance d3go will look into that? Unfortunately my last scree4nshot is from 2 days a go (at least with 5032 CP on it). It happenend Saturday 13.Nov.21 around 13:15 (GMT+1)


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    If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend reaching out to Customer Support. They should be able to pull up your account records to find out what happened, and assist in recovering the Command Points if there appears to have been a bug. 
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    Yes I did  but unfortunately all replies expect the initial autoreplyy and the final confident vote have been landing in spam.

    So seems I have been the reason - human error - obviously have been buying two black Anti-Venom powers accidentally when sleeping in. Always play my last round before going to bed.

    My Anti-Venmon is fully covered and some saved covers, but had not the ISO to champion him, so no reason at all to buy any powers of him with CP. But good thing is, no bug and I have confidence back to hoard once more.
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