Inconsistent treatement for "Airborne" characters and stunned characters

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 789 Critical Contributor
Multiple characters have passives that rely on them having no active allies, and from what I can tell this is being inconsistently applied across the board.
For some characters, if their allies are airborne they're still considered "active", but for other characters an airborne ally is inactive.
A firm decision needs to be made, and whether airborne characters are active or inactive needs to be fixed and consistently applied throughout the entire game.

It's the same with stunned characters.
For some characters stunned allies are inactive, and for others stunned allies are still active.
This also needs to be fixed and consistently applied.


  • AkoniAkoni Posts: 698 Critical Contributor
    I wonder if it would help if there were airborne or stun types like voluntary versus involuntary airborne. A voluntary airborne could be considered flight where a character flies above the field for a strategic assault like Ikaris. In this case, the character is an active ally. An involuntary airborne could be considered thrown or knocked into the air by the enemy and are, therefore, unable to participate in combat for the time being. In this case the character is not an active ally. This explains why a character takes damage when returning from airborne, with certain powers. There may also be some characters with such aerial prowess that don't care and will have their powers activate regardless of how they were sent airborne.

    Stun would operate the same way. A player is meditating or concentrating (voluntary stun) and is, therefore an active ally versus a character that is temporarily knocked out or down (involuntary stun) and is thus an inactive ally. The distinction between voluntary or involuntary airborne/stun wouldn't necessarily change the wording for most characters. This way devs wouldn't need to do a big overhaul, but that delineation once announced would enable players to strategically plan for it.

    Realistically speaking, each character with an airborne/stun mechanic (i.e. Ikaris) or dependency (i.e. 5* Cyclops) would need to be reviewed. Some behind the scenes work might be needed, but other than that, there would simply be an announcement stating this change so that players are aware of the distinction. 
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