Should I roster a 5 star character??? (Silver Surfer)

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So... I'm kinda a new player. I've been playing the game for about an year and a bit more. The Shield Resupply shows as of this post that I am on day 731.
This will be quite the post so sorry for that.

Now a bit of info and specifics on me. I'm kinda a 3 star user for now, trying for the 4 stars.
- Shield Rank is 65, very close to 66.
- I have one 1 star character (Yelena Belova - quite enough for me the 1 node challenge in DDQ)
- ALL 2 star characters (including Bagman). Except Bagman, they are all max champed (lvl 144)
- ALL 3 star characters as well. Most of them are champed just 3 characters are not there, yet....
- 38 4 star characters. Some of them are a bit covered, some are on 1 cover for now.
- My top 6 characters are as follows: Polaris (because EVERYONE and their mother uses her... xD) at lvl 229 (3/4/4); the 3 star Dr. Strange with 215 lvl (5/3/5); Kamala Khan at 211 (5/3/5); Howard the Duck is 209 (4/3/3); next is 3 star Gamora at 207 (5/5/3) and finally Deadpool on 196 (5/5/3).

Now, I know that my 3 star characters will give me 4 star covers at lvl 183. But the Daily Resupply just dropped me the 5 Silver Surfer with his black ability. And since 5 stars are the end goal after all....
But at one cover 5's aren't really good. Like.. even I can beat them with my 3 stars. Unless they are powered up (boosted seems to be the term here) they don't provide nothing except their bigger health and match damage.

So, should I roster him? Since he won't be of much help for me but the feeling of having a 5 star is there. And it is my first. I don't have any at all. xD

Thank you all in advance! :smile:

Edit: If you want to see my entire roster, look up the Japan Tokyo alliance. My name is Eien Ryuu in there. I tried to register the same here but it doesn't allow spaces sadly... xD


  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 850 Critical Contributor
    Feel free to roster 5*s if you can afford the roster spots. Just do not put iso into them or they will affect your MMR. Indeed, your SS will be kind of useless until he gets more covers. The caveat is that when he is boosted he will have a fairly significant match damage and health increase. 
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    My advice would be to sell it.  

    I went into the 5star tier too quickly with a ghostrider cover 3 odd years ago and it made pvp a lot harder. I was matched against low covered thors and I did not have an enjoyable time. (Thor, Ghostrider and someone else was in Latest at that time).  My roster then was a bit behind yours. I had probably 20 low covered 4s and most 3s championed.

    I stubbornly plodded on and eventually champed Kitty and then whatever other 5s I could. I wouldn't want anyone else to have a hard time with pvp because they rostered a 5.  

    I would say keep going with your 4s, and once you have a good amount championed  you can consider rostering some 5s. 4s get champed at level 270 and should be able to compete with non boosted 5s.  

    If they are meta 4s, you can compete with low covered, but boosted 5s a lot of the time. But it will cost you some healthpacks.

    And like the above poster said, don't put ISO8 into 5s until you are ready.

    If you want advice on the order to get 4stars, Polaris is who I would recommend first (get her to 13 covers), then Rocket and Groot, then Juggernaut, then whoever takes your fancy. Morbius helps vs goons and against bosses, so he's a solid option. 
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    Silver Surfer is the oldest 5* there is and so he is really just a meat shield for a lower roster.
    I would roster him (if you have the slot or HP to do so) and see how if affects your MMR - if you are already battling 1 cover 5* then it should not have too great an effect. If you find that your MMR has risen and PVP is unbearable you have the option of selling him - so it is difficult to end up on the losing side to be honest. Do not level him at all.
  • dianeticsdianetics Posts: 231 Tile Toppler
    Yes roster him. In the early stages having a higher match damage 5 can help you burn through the nodes faster.

    if you can afford the roster spot keep him
  • EienRyuuEienRyuu Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Sekilicious said:
    Srheer0 said:
    DAZ0273 said:
    dianetics said:
    Well, THANK you all for the responses! After a little bit of thinking, I've decided to roster him. I keep HP STRICTLY for slots, so yeah, I could afford it.
    Now... I won't be throwing him in PVP at all until I get more of his abilities but for PVE I think he can be useful. xD
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