Abilities based on "Active Allies/Teammates" are bugged

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Currently, the condition that triggers abilities based on "active allies/teammates" are inconsistent. 

For example, when Heimdall send allies airborne using Bifrost Bridge, the passive part of his ability triggers, which means he takes 15% less damage.

Bifrost Bridge 

(PASSIVE) While Heimdall has no active allies, he takes 15% less damage.

This means that allies who are airborne are considered not active.

However, when both of 5* Cyclops' allies went airborne, Savior of Mutantkind didn't become Dark Phoenix Unleashed. 

Savior of Mutantkind 

(PASSIVE) If Cyclops has no active teammates, swap Cyclops's Yellow and Black match damage and this power becomes Dark Phoenix Unleashed.

Here are the videos that show Saviour of Mutantkind triggering inconsistently.

Video 1:
Power become Dark Phoenix Unleashed when one ally is stunned and the other is downed.


Video 2
Power didn't become Dark Phoenix Unleashed when both allies are airborne.


Besides these two scenarios,  Apocalypse can't be stunned the following turn even though his mutant allies are either stunned or airborne.

So, may the dev give an official definition for active allies/teammates? Currently, there are five states in the game: downed, stunned, airborne, invisible and neutral (or no state).

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