MID. Hard lock on a transformed card. "The Harvesttide" might be unplayable [Investigating]

JinQuiet Posts: 71 Match Maker
New event, "The Harvesttide" requires you to cast 5 cards that transform.

Testing a deck in preparation for the event I discovered a bug that sends the game into hard-lock (game needs to be restarted score is lost as a result).

The bug can be replicated by casting [[Vanquish the horde]] on the flipped Ambitious farmhand/Sesoned Cathar. In most cases board contains other cards.

UPD 01: The Deck of many things is a possible offender too. Players on the discord confirmed that D20 rolls could be an issue in some cases.
UPD 02: Removing The Deck of many things from the deck doesn't help the issue.

Elspeth sun's champion is the planespalker.
This is the deck that can reproduce this lock state consistently.

This is the set of screenshots "10 seconds before the Hard Lock"
  1. Board state
  2. Hand state
  3. Lock state

Here are 2 additional screenshots of locked games.

I think everyone would agree on that this bug should be fixed before launching new event


  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Hello @JinQuiet,  sorry for the delay.
    Thank you for reporting this issue! The team is already aware and is working on a fix.
    Thank you for your patience,