Pulling Multiple Tokens

PiMacleod Posts: 1,731 Chairperson of the Boards
We all appreciate the "pull all" or "pull 50" buttons from the stores that allow it.  Saves time.

I have a suggestion for use with EVERY OTHER VAULT OR STORE.

Whenever you pull a single pull using a stocked token, if you have ANOTHER token able to be used, an additional button could be presented above/below the current "Claim" button.  Make it smaller, and far enough away so it's not accidentally pressed (often).  Label this button "Claim & Spend Another!"  

Sure, the font would be smaller, or you could place this message below/above this new button, and button itself could just have the all-caps "GO!" on it.  

Either way, clicking this button should automatically claim the reward you have just pulled, AND spend another single token from your stock, repeating the cycle, whether it's claiming from a vault, or pulling from a store.  It would only work/appear if you have another token available (i.e. it would NOT show up without any applicable tokens to spend).

This would save time for the player, allowing us to spend on vaults and stores, without having to go back to the main store menu for each single use token we have.

Thank you for reading!