Mask of Griselbrand equipment mana doesn't activate [Investigating]

stikxs Posts: 514 Critical Contributor
The Mask has the equipment evergreen for gaining mana when a creature attacks, but nothing happens when your creatures attack.


  • Oktagon_Support
    Oktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 2,945 Chairperson of the Boards

    Thank you for the feedback, this issue will be investigated!

    In order to help us, please provide the following information (only those you haven't provided yet) if you have it. You can PM me the answer if you prefer, or send it to Customer Support in-game:

    • Which card?

    • Type and Subtype;

    • Is it related to trigger, mechanic, text, or other?

    • The Planeswalker you were using and its level.

    • Which Event/Battle?

    • BattleLog screenshot;

    • All cards in the deck and possible interactions that might have happened.

    Thank you,


  • Julie71
    Julie71 Posts: 594 Critical Contributor
    I am getting reports this card still isn't fixed.  I will grab a video for your @Oktagon_Support
  • DrunkThrowsMcBrady
    DrunkThrowsMcBrady Posts: 1 Just Dropped In

    @Oktagon_Support - Checking in from March of 2023, and this card still doesn't gain mana when my creatures attack.