Hey guys and gals

After several events recently requiring a full party, I'm wondering if anyone has a good quality Party deck for MtGPQ?  I'm especially looking for creatures that have double types to meet the requirements since we can only have 3 creatures and a full party requires 5 types.

Yeah, I'm fairly new here if you can't tell.  I'd like to develop something to try out some of the party cards I've acquired.


  • Enigma
    Enigma Posts: 53 Match Maker
    *4 types, not 5.

    Also, if Stonework Packbeast is included in a Party deck, does it fulfill the requirements for Party by itself since it has all 4 creature types as a support?
  • ArielSira
    ArielSira Posts: 490 Mover and Shaker
    No, each card with multiple types only counts once (sadly). But if a card has multiple types (hello changelings) it is easier to get the 4 you need. In the Rise of Adventure event the permanent support already is one of the 4 as well.
  • gozmaster
    gozmaster Posts: 163 Tile Toppler
    Also if you use Dungeon Master! (MASTER!) PW, you can fetch a complete party if your deck is only built with one card type dedicated to each fo the classes (IE, 3  different creatures/party types and a support that is the 4th)

    Or the vanguard, is an all contained way to hit the full party objective by ultimating his 3rd just be sure to have an open space to get the cleric on the battlefield.