Exhibition battle on CN: thanks Mr Odin, take a break now!

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SC, Odin and North Star vs challenge node The Harder One okoye, Thor, BRB level 650.
The only help equipped is Yaro root 3* on Odin.


  • HoundofShadow
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    I'm still pumped up for Shang-Chi. Good use of Northstar sending BRB airborne. I thought you're going to lose after seeing 9 green ap on enemy team. Do you think substituting Northstar with Riri to be crazier? A potential charged red match 5-6 when the stars are align.
  • Bad
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    No, riri can perform great too. I just wanted to help odin a bit for him not dying. 
    Yes they are still too hard foes and I had to take my time to think.
    Sadly they only did one time a cascade and odin couldn't be of more help but still I think it's proved how helpful he can be as without him it coudn't be achieved.