New PvE ranking method suggestion

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Currently PvE uses real-time-related scoring methods to rank, but this mechanism makes it necessary to play the game at a fixed time in real life for several days in order to achieve a good ranking, which makes the game an annoying thing.
Take me as an example. The PvE start time I can choose is 19:00 at night, 00:00 at midnight, 05:00 at early moring, 11:00 at noon, and 14:00, which means I must choose one from dinner time, midnight, early morning, lunch time or work time to "concentrate" on playing games, but I shouldn't put off these things mentioned above for the sake of playing games, it should be to let me play games when I have time, so ranking scoring should not be linked to real time, but there is still need a ranking method for game results between players.
Based on the thoughts above, I suggest that PvE scoring only used as a progress reward, in addition, timing results on each node are added as a ranking basis. 
When each level reaches the maximum difficulty (for example, the CN enemy level of SCL 10 reaches level 650), submit the best clearance time for the next 5 attempts (not completed/more than 10 minutes will be counted as 10 minutes, generally a single hit will not playing for so long), ranked by the sum of the best time of each node.
The advantage of this is that players can find a free time to fight for ranking results during the event time, instead of having to overcome all difficulties, let yourself play game at the same time, for several days in a row, just to improve the ranking of the game.
I must say that the current scoring mechanism often makes me feel very anxious, and I can't eat or sleep properly (must stay awake with the scoring time and start the device online, which is almost the same as work).
The current scoring method is also the speed of everyone's comparison anyway, if the current scoring ranking can be replaced by a timing method, it should increase the flexibility of the game time and make the game less annoying and more fair (players who cannot play game at the same time every day also have the opportunity to compete for ranking), we can feel free to driving car、 working、 sleeping or having meals with families without worring about the ending time of events.
To prevent hacking with this new mechanism, only the first 5 entries can be sumbitted, include retreating matches, so quitting matches for perfect board is no use for gettinghigher score; considering the bad luck may occur that gets 5 sucks board, there will be a chance to reset "both" the fastest time and 5 attempts after 12 hr, if you can't beat a node in 10 attempts in total, that means it's just too difficult for your current rosters.
BTW, the points of nodes in PvE should be unrecoverable like Puzzle Gauntlet under this mechanism, so players still need play most of nodes to get full progress.
I PS the screenshot to show the picture of suggested mechanism, but there seems no way to up load picture from PC, I'll find a way do do this...

If method above is too complicated, devs can just add an endless wave node for pve ranking instead of current real-time-related scoring method. See how far people can go, with random debuff between waves(e.g. enemy gain ap, reduce player's ap, enemies take less x% of match or power dmg, immune to stun/airborne, add/change board hazard), so players can free from playing game in certain time.