Test mode

stikxs Posts: 518 Critical Contributor
When we run across things that appear to be bugs to us players, it would be handy IMO if there was a 'test mode' we could use after to try and recreate the issue before reporting it if we were so inclined. I envision it as a button in the setting screen maybe that essentially takes you to a private match where you can pick from any PW in the game and build a deck from any cards in the game and then you do the same to create the opponent deck. Then it goes into the match and you play like normal except that you control both hands instead of the AI running the opponent. Obviously, nothing would count from the match but if someone was worried about 'why would players buy packs when they can use any card?' a) they wouldn't be playing with anyone but themselves and b) you could put it behind either an opt-in/approval thing or platinum mastery requirement or some such. Trying to recreate things can be quite a chore.