Suggestions for MPQ

TehOKosongTehOKosong Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
Wow it's already 8 anniversary, been playing for years but seems like MPQ didn't improve much as compare to similar puzzle games, most common puzzles games have buildings mechanic, MPQ are great for the characters of course, however the improvement over the years are just boss event, and the new puzzle mode which itself is really great, hopefully will see more improvement other than keep introducing new characters at fast pace.

Seriously about the costume, what's the use of cosmetic without added benefits at all? Please add in benefits if costume is equip.

The many characters in the game can also add in special team skills, for example if certain characters are team up, a unique skill just for them can be pop up to be use maybe after getting certain team up tiles.

Hopefully can see MPQ to succeed as well to it's cinematic counter part.
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