MPQ 8th Anniversary!

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You guessed it, it’s that time of the year again! Another year has gone by and what an awesome year it’s been in Marvel Puzzle Quest! This year will mark the 8th Anniversary (WOW!), and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate MPQ’s 8th birthday with all of you. From the loyal Agents that have been with us from the beginning, to the new Agents just recently joining our community, we want to take this moment to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you. Join us as the fun brews in the most exciting time of the year in MPQ!

This year, the New Character that will be joining MPQ during our 8th Anniversary is Blob! Blob (Modern) is now available, don’t miss out on his exclusive events! SEE HERE for details.

Come back to the FAQs here to see updated news and information throughout the Anniversary Season.

Thank you for playing!


  • Anniversary Season starts - 10/7 - 10/17

  • Anniversary Vault including covers for Devil Dinosaur, Howard the Duck, and Taskmaster amongst others!

  • Anniversary Versus events with Devil Dinosaur, followed by Taskmaster Versus events, and more! Take these Anniversary Exclusive characters into battle and earn more covers to use them outside this limited time!

  • Anniversary Tokens will be available every day of the Anniversary by playing with Devil Dinosaur!

  • Double Iso-8 rewards will be enabled in all events running during the Anniversary *except* Deadpool’s Nightly Games. See more on this event below!

  • Check back each day for new Hero Point, Command Point, and other IAP based bundles containing fan voted favorite characters and tokens to buff up your rosters!

  • Deadpool’s Nightly Games - Return of the Daily Unlock Event! Deadpool isn’t happy with just his Daily Quests, so he’s come up with a series of challenges to put the players through.

    • These challenges are all based around different games such as Chess, Freeze Tag, “Battle at Sea” and more, each with different special rules. For example, in Checkers, you’ll be taking a selection of characters up against Apocalypse, on a board that drops in MANY more Red and Black tiles in particular.

Login Gift

  • 1X Token for the Anniversary Vault available starting 10/7 for those that log in during the Anniversary Season!

Special Iso-8 Offer

  • Iso-8 Offer = 10x Iso-8 Sale on purchases until 10/10!


  • Double Iso-8

  • Deadpool’s Nightly Games

  • Versus Event: Devil Dinosaur

  • PVE Operation Spider Silk: Taskmaster


    • “Short of temper. Slow of wit. Large of frame. Fred Dukes has lived a life as the subject of scorn and distrust. Fortunately, his Mutant ability ensures that nobody can push the Blob around. Nobody! Privately, he is an avid collector of poetry.”

  • Introducing… Event: Blob (Modern)


  • Deadpool Daily Quest contains Devil Dinosaur as the Crash of Titans


  • Versus Event: Blob


  • Versus Event: What If…?


  • Versus Event: Taskmaster

  • Deadpool Daily Quest contains Taskmaster as the Crash of Titans

  • PVE Webbed Wonder: Howard The Duck

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