An App, Riddled With Bugs & Issues

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Every, EVERY, update is riddled with bugs and issues.

I have to ask, how inadequate is your team?
Are you short staffed, are you letting interns run the shop?

Also, your little update that failed, horribly, a couple months back (Snake Eyes Movie/Movie Event App Failure), has ONLY disallowed players to progress, as many are no longer even trying to create any base defense but Drones and Barracks. You should put a cap on those, immediately.

*It is not difficult to destroy these enemy bases if you use Para-Trooper and Smoke + Smoke and Bazooka. Destroy the base and as many drones, troopers, and flying vehicles as possible. Save the last of your energy for Smoke and Para-Troopers to attack enemy HQ and voila: a 1-2 Star  victory (15-20 Trophies) is your's. CAKEWALK - TOO EASY.

I, also, have to ask; just, how much do you guy's care about the development of the app? You have thousands of characters, storylines, and skins to choose from, and yet you refuse to create a world the fans love. 

YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO BE - AND YOU COULD'VE/SHOULD'VE BEEN - IN GOOGLE'S TOP 100 APPS OF THE YEAR, SOMEWHERE IN THE TOP 5-20 SPOTS. However, your team seems unable to understand many things; most of all, and especially, the fans of G.I. Joe. Seriously, HOW DID YOU EVER ACQUIRE LISCENSING!? Pretty sad.

You don't have to answer back. Just know, that I speak for the majority of fans out there. At least, the one's who's spirit's you haven't killed, concerning this app and it's horrendous issues.


From a better, more caring individual and Joe fan, than you'll ever meet or be,


YO, JOE!!!