Sinister 6 boss event tips + teams

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This topic is here to explain what the Sinister 6 boss event is, and useful characters or strategies to use against them.  

Like other boss events, you have 8 rounds, boss nodes and side nodes that refresh the boss nodes. There are personal progression rewards based on the total number of points you get and there is also an alliance progression score. The event is active for about 3.5 days, so there is plenty of time to grab points.  

The bosses are variants of what is already in the game (in the same respect to the Thanos and Apocalypse boss events).  

Each round puts 3 in one boss node and the other 3 in the opposite boss node. Make sure to hit both sides, and if they become unwinnable just do as much damage as you can with Teamups or just plain old dmg before you lose.  

As usual, all bosses are immune to stun unless stated otherwise. 

Vulture - Similar kit, but they swapped around the effects of his green blue and black a bit. Prioritise denying him matching the colour that sends him airbourne.  Morbius should be able to remove his countdown / repeater tiles with ease.  

Venom very very different to the Venoms we know. He goes invisible and places tiles on the board each turn until he reaches an amount. At this point he becomes visable and makes a bunch of web tiles. When a web tile threshold is reached he deals a bunch of damage. Best thing to do vs him is probably to stockpile a bunch of AP to blow him up before he goes invis. Alternatively he might not be able to go invis if you cover the whole board in special tiles with polaris or st3rm or other special tile makers.

Doc Ock. He's a stronger version of the 5star Doc Ock. If you can't match or destroy his special tiles and then his reactor tile you can't kill him. From memory, Morbius can cheese his reactor tile (and make him vulnerable to damage for a few turns).

Sandman. He's a big version of the 4star Sandman. Relies on getting yellow colour from memory. Turns a bunch of tiles to yellow a turn and if you somehow do a match 5 in that colour it deals a lot of damage to him. I've never been able to do it ^^.  
Try to kill him as fast as possible, or you will die to AOE damage.

Green Goblin. Much like his 5star version he summons goons, fortifies their countdown tiles and is generally annoying. Focus on killing him and ignore the goons. Morbius is useful in this fight. 

Carnage. He's a scary mix of his 4star and 5star version. His green deals damage and destroys a bunch of the board and if he gets a certain amount of black AP, he gets to make another match each turn losing 1 black AP for each match he makes in this way.  

Next post will list useful 3stars and 4stars against them. Rounds 1-5 should be easy for most 3star rosters, round 6 7 8 is where weaker rosters may struggle


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    I wish Kitty was champed, lol. So far I have been powering through with Polaris, Grocket and Juggernaut as normal. I did respec Juggs for 5 blue to deal with Ock.

    I’m interested in your teams. The last time this event ran I spammed IM40, Captain Am3rica, and GSBW but they fell off hard in later levels.
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    Foolproof team to win most of the time.  

    Polaris, Rocket and groot (4star) and Morbius  
    Can swap Groot for BetaReyBill or another character if you don't need special tile removal (vs carnage etc).  

    It's funny how many bosses rely on special tiles, and morbius just makes them a breeze. Morbius is great vs Doc ock and vs Venom. If venom has no pink basic tiles on the board he can't make any more invis tiles. And if the board is full of special tiles before Doc Ock appears, he will get instantly stunned if he can't place his reactor tile.

    Rogue works very well against Sandman. Stops him getting yellow AP from matches and neutralises the match damage.

    Useful boosted characters
    4 - Xforce Wolverine, The hulk (main event), The hulk (Totally awesome), Black Widow Infinity War, Spiderman Infinity War

    3 - Black Widow Grey Suit, Ironman 40, Wolverine patch, Hawkeye, Ironfist  

    I got through the round too quickly to test 3star teams, but BWGS, Ironman40 and one other should be useful enough to do a lot of the round 5 or lower bosses.