Some Suggestions from a 5 year veteran of the game

Hello D3 Devs, some more general feedback and requests froma 5 year veteran of the game, that I personally think will make this game more fun and therefor more successful/profitable:
1) make a toggle to switch off/on some of the in game animations. I would like to be able to speed up the game and we need a way to makes turns resolve faster.
Cutting down certain animations -as an option- would really help. (like the mana swirls, card animations and falling gems). Example: Casmina's 2nd changing all the colors on the board happens instantly.
1b) Also please make the mention/animation of whose turn it is half a second shorter.
2) mention in the rules of a (team) event if the event is _inter_node or _intra_ node (so if you will be facing opponents on the same node, or if you can face opponents from different nodes in the same event. This is very important for correct deck construction
3) Please consider increasing the rewards (or make them more appealing) for leveling up. This will incentivise players to play a wider variety of cards. Additionaly add more tiers to color mastery.
4) make more episodes of the podcast !
5) Separate the legacy sets for crafting. The pool is now too large to chase a specific set of cards (for instance 'cards with energy', so Kaladesh block), so the incentive for players to chase specific cards is greatly diminished and disincentives spending orbs on legacy.  this impacts the fun of the game. Ideally, you would want players to both value chasing legacy cards as well as standard.
6) bring back semi-daily events that grant mythics that can be converted into orbs. No longer being able to continuously gain 1k orbs per week severly impacts the ability for non paying players to be able to even remotely complete sets before a new set comes out, this is super frustrating. You should implement a system where pay2play is a _shortcut_ to getting all the cards, but it is still reasonable to complete sets fully (up to mythic, not mp) if you play nearly all the non-training ground events without being VIP. As it is now, this is not the case. Please please consider this!
Thank you, keep up the good work


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    These are all solid suggestions. 
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    Hello @TIMEWARP ,

    Thanks for writing this suggestion, I really appreciate it!
    I'll pass it on to the team so we can discuss the possibilities.

    Thank you for your interest,