Do you guys recommend me going for Kate Pryde?

Simple question. I've been in 3* land for quite a while but I got most of em champed and only a few ones left. I'm about to leave 3* tiers soon. In fact, you might say I'm already transitioning into 4* for some time: have champed Polaris for some time now, currently working on Medusa, have Riri, X-Logan, 4* Xavier, Sabertooth and a few others standing by for the future. 
I know I've said that Polaris meta was quite annoying and that I don't like it but after some consideration, it seemed too strong of a bandwagon to let it pass. Playing with passives is pretty useful against certain heroes (Strange anyone?). So, I just jumped on it. I intend to go for C4rnage next and complete the trio (Polaris, Dusa, C4rnage). But I thought I could pick a few others that would help my Polaris as well. My long term goal I think is still champing Archangel (lol) but I need strong meta picks to get that done, or else it'll take a lifetime.

But that's the question. Kate seems decent, yellow is pretty cheap to generate some protects, and she even gets the synergy from Lockheed support. I'm tempted to keep her as well but I'm not yet 100% sure about that. Thought I would ask what's the experience with her from other users. So is she a good hero for Polaris meta? Do you guys know of any issues with her? Not worth in the long run?


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    If you’re going for the 4* meta it is Grocket then Juggernaut for pick 3 PvP and PvE. This is the fastest team available and lets you do many more matches in the time you have allotted to this game. Then one of Medusa, Mantis, or Sabertooth to counter Polaris/Grocket teams for PvP. Then Karnak and Chavez as a counter to the Medusa, Mantis, and Sabertooth teams. This combination lets you target everyone and everything in all modes of the game, though you might have some trouble with god boosted 5*s. I like C4rnage, I have him champed, but never use him in spite of his synergy with Medusa or Mantis. Attack tiles are somewhat weak when compared to strike tiles. Polaris, Grocket, and Medusa also make a good team without the downside of opponent attacks anyways.

    I also like Kate when she is boosted as a third with BRB and Polaris. Not as much as Be4st or Medusa against tile movers and not nearly as much as Grocket against everyone else. But her node is pretty easy compared to some essential 4* characters.
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    But how good is Grocket + Jugg on defense compared to Carndusa? I think Carndusa is better for defense in PvP

    I didn't like Mantis because her passive needs purple tiles available, if all the purples are already taken then it doesn't work.
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    Cardusa is weak to Medusa, Polaris, and Grocket. C4rnage provides the attacks that Grocket boosts, Polaris multiples and Medusa uses for her own shenanigans. There is no great defensive meta in PvP, especially in the 4* tier. They all have counters. Stick to offense and hope Polaris has a cascade is the best defense. That strategy is better with Juggernaut, Polaris, and Grocket.

    That may be true about Mantis but it has never been a problem when I use her. There is normally a couple that are free. Maybe if Vulture destroys his max number of enemy specials she might run out though, more likely, a few will drop that she can use.
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    That all being said, that is the meta. If you enjoy a different strategy that is best and you won’t be left too far behind. Cardusa can handle PvE, just slowly.
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    I don't care much about PvE, it is what it is when it comes to the heroes needed for the special nodes, if I happen to have em then I just take them, if not then whatever, do what I can I guess. Alliance events is pretty much the same thing.

    I just wanted to handle people more often in PvP. Juggernaut is going to be hard to get because the only feeder here is Magn3to and he only gives shards, not even a full cover.
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    Oh yeah, there is that. I needed to build him from scratch. Polaris too. Grocket I had from before I took a couple year break. Juggs was definitely worth the month or so I had him and Magneto (the shards add up to a single cover, not much, not nothing) favourited though.  Kate has synergy with both Polaris and Grocket and can stand in for Juggernaut. She is just slower. I would use Medusa over her if you already have her covered. There is no replacement for the synergy that Polaris and Grocket share though.
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    I still don't have much respect for Grocket. I thought the main partner for R4G was Kitty? I.e. Gritty? Besides isn't Grocket easy to counter with Sabertooth? Hell, I just deal with R4G + Polaris by fighting fire with fire (my own Polaris + my 2 cover Knull as my sp tile creator) and I usually fare well if the enemy team's stats don't surpass my own by a lot.

    There's also the fact that Carndusa can still deal with Sabretooth no problem because they don't make strikes that Victor can eat I guess
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    Yeah, I thought the same when I transitioned from 3* to 4*. I even champed Carnage, Medusa, and Carol as my first 4*s, switching to Gamora and Grocket after. It sounds good but fails testing. 7 strikes at the start of the match for Polaris to use means that it is over before Cardusa is even warmed up. Besides, Strikes are superior to attacks because attacks do damage once per turn, while strikes amplify everything that does damage. The ideal scenario would be to have one attack and the remaining tiles turned to strikes. Sabertooth is a problem but easily countered in retaliation nodes in PvP. But again, it your roster. Cardusa will beat a lot of good teams. But there is a reason I never see them at the top of either Pick-2 or Pick-3 PvP.
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