Locked tiles are described inconsistently

OzarkBoatswain Posts: 676 Critical Contributor
Here are descriptions for powers that create Locked tiles. Note their inconsistencies.

Invisible Woman's Force Bubbles: "Locks 4 random enemy Strike (etc.) tiles in Force Bubbles"
Her Locked tile effect is called a Force Bubble.

Bag-Man's Web-Slinger: "These Locked tiles do not fall.... The locked effect is removed...."
Bag-Man's Locked tiles are unnamed. The text capitalizes Locked once then uncapitalizes it.

Quicksilver's Fists of Fury: "locks 1 random Team-Up tile"
QS's Locked tiles are unnamed. The text does not use the capitalized term Locked. Same goes for Killmonger's Repatriation.

5* Wasp's Shrink Tactics: "places 1 Yellow Locked Swarm tile"
Seems to indicate that there is a tile type called Swarm that is then Locked. In actuality, Swarm is the name of her Locked tile effect.

P.S. Lockjaw does not have any tile locking powers. A missed opportunity.