Inconsistent behavior with character-specific special tiles

OzarkBoatswain Posts: 676 Critical Contributor
Some special tiles only function when their related character is active (not stunned, airborne or downed), while others work "by themselves" and work when the character is inactive. There usually isn't a way to tell which way they act in their descriptions.
Silver Surfer's Silver Singularity works and counts down when he is inactive, and is not removed when he is downed.

Medusa's Entanglement countdown tile works when Medusa is inactive, except for the damage-every-turn part. The turn damage is not described as a property of the tile counting down.

Angel's Aerial Superiority countdown does not work when Angel is airborne or stunned. (Not very superior in the air, huh.)

I suggest changing the descriptions so that the parts that work when the characters are inactive are described as a property of the tiles instead of as a property of the character. 


  • OzarkBoatswain
    OzarkBoatswain Posts: 676 Critical Contributor
    This also applies to passives. Example: Shang-Chi's passive works when he is inactive, but both properties of Back in Black Spider-Man's passive do not.
  • Srheer0
    Srheer0 Posts: 506 Critical Contributor
    Trap tiles too. I've seen trap tiles take effect when whoever made them is stunned.  

    Gets even more confusing if they are made as part of a TUP (winter soldier etc).
  • abmoraz
    abmoraz Posts: 708 Critical Contributor
    Silver Surfer's has been brought up before and resolved.  His Black Hole tile is independent and not bound to him.  He can be airborn or dead and it still resolved.  It's a black hole.  It does what it does.  Black Bolt's motivation tile is also like this.  (W5sp and D5c Ock also have specialty tiles that exist outside of their control)

    Medusa: I agree.  That's a bug.

    Angel: his Aerial Superiority is him actively scanning the air.  If he's stunned or knocked airborn outside of his own volition, it shouldn't work.  Unlike Karolina Dean and Northstar, who have powers that the conciously go airborn to do things (same with 5* Mags)