First strike critical bug issue [Investigating]

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In my case i use Shaile dean of radiance at defend phase and kill opponent creature then the game stop running(not every time approx 40% ) ,i only have to quit, plz fix it thx


  • Julie71
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    @Oktagon_Support seems to still be an issue
  • Oktagon_Support
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    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


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    Had this happen with Shaile while defending in Skoti Bloodlines earlier this week.
    Greg's Emeria Captain had prevent damage from valkmira (which wore off during combat) so it took no damage on the first strike defense from Shaile, then the captain's damage killed Shaile and the game stopped responding.