Should I pull in the anniversary store?

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Hi all. 

I was just wondering your thoughts on thread title.
I am a 4* player, all rostered apart from missing 4, and I have rostered 10 5*s so far. I'm not ready to make the jump to champed 5* land quite yet, but would appreciate advice on getting there.

When anniversary store comes round, I'm hoping to have saved a minimum 1000cp, so I'll probably be between 40 and 50 pulls. If the three featured 5*s all end up being meta/must-haves and I didn't have any of the 3 rostered, would it be worth me pulling my small hoard for a handful of covers, if that, for said characters?
Is one or two covers for a meta character worth rostering, although their next covers may be a long time away, or should I save the CP hoard with my LLs to make the 5* jump when 3 decent characters rotate in? 

I hope this makes sense and thank you for your time :) 


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    I’m in a similar boat as you. My plan is to have a float of around 50 to 100 pulls until either Kitty and/or BRB are featured in tokens. They work best with Polaris, and I have about 7 covers of each. Maybe that will be the anniversary store, maybe I will wait a while. I also have a lot of 5* characters to roster so I plan on returning to pulling classics until I am ready to hoard in earnest. I will not be pulling for 5* that I have fewer than 7 covers from any store. I hope to be able to champ who I pull for to have a easier time in SCL10 of PvE. Hopefully that helps you with your decision. There are many correct paths forward I think. 
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Definitely looks like we are the in the same boat, those are the two 5*s im chasing too.
    I managed to finish my kitty in her last special store, now at 5/5/3 +3 bonus covers, sitting at level 270, I'm too scared to champ her haha. I've got BRB at 8 covers, 2/3/3, so I might only pull if he is featured and try and get the last missing covers through shards and milestones, the 40 minimum pulls would take him to 9 covers too.
    I have a bad feeling he won't be featured though.

    If someone like 5witch was featured, would she be worth pulling for even though I don't have her rostered? Or should I just focus on BRB/ one 5* at a time? 
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    Kitty is meta and one of the best solo champs. In your specific case I would at least level her to the same as your highest 4*. But I don’t think I would worry about champing her and participating in the solo 5* champ meta in PvP and faster clears in PvE at SCL10. In either case, start to save 7500 cp for a special/anniversary store or 300 pulls for the latest legend tokens. Don’t pull unless whatever store/token contains 2 meta characters.
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    I personally believe Colossus is one of the best 5* to consider for transitioning rosters because unlike many 5*, he is useful even if you don't put iso into him and you can use him effectively in 4* land.  Even if you just get enough of his yellow covers and leave him at 255, that match damage reduction and his large match damage may swing battles in 4* land your way.  He basically stops strike tile damage due to that match damage reduction.  
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    Colossus is good because you don't even need his blue power for him to function  

    BRB is great because he pairs soo well with Polaris  

    Okoye is nice, and quite effective with iHulk  

    Kitty works well, but can be slow. And the way new special tile focused 5stars are releasing, she is becoming less relevant and less likely to get her countdown dmg to go off.

    Wanda is very strong and pairs well with Colossus.  

    Pr5fX and Onslaught also work well on defence

    Apoc is the other 5star worth mentioning. Improves ally damage, can avoid protect tiles and has multihit powers.  

    Assuming any 2 of the above are in the anniversary store, they would be worth pulling.  

    I try to avoid the stores as I rarely get good luck in them. Assume you'll have 7-15% pull rate if that helps your forecasting. I try and think of it in pulls of 30.If you get 3 or 4 5stars per 30 pulls, you are on the luckier end of the scales.