Dragon's nest



  • bk1234
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    Wilvialo said:
    There was no Tiamat as reward this time?
    I’ve posted a reply to your question on your identical post on the other thread. 
  • andrewvanmarle
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    madwren said:

    If you need a perma-support that turbocharges a mechanic in order for that mechanic to be playable/effective, then it’s a symptom of poor design choices.

    Anyway, Dragon's Nest was a nice challenge, but it's odd that the level it leads to (Song of the Bard) was so trivial.  It seems like the most challenging level should have been the capstone. 

    I would have rather seen a card, preferably rare not mythic, that did what the permasupports did ( minus the damage on the boast one). and colorless or 5 colored.

    I agree with Madwren that  this was a poor design choice.