Battle at the Basilica teams

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Continuing the trend of suggesting teams that give you an easier time with boss events. The current one is vs molten man and hydro man.  

They are both tile movers, which can be annoying. They alternate which one is the target depending on the round.  

Molten man strongest colours is red yellow black
Hydro man, Green yellow blue.  

Molten man has a countdown which reduces damage taken, a basic yellow nuke and a red board shakeup and damaging power.  

Hydro man has a countdown which gives him AP when you make a match in your strongest colour, a basic yellow nuke and his green power heals him and does a board shakeup.  

As usual, the quickest 4star team appears to be Polaris, Rocket and Groot (4) and Morbius.  
The boosted 4s are Ironman HulkBuster, Nick Fury, Miles Morales, Spiderman infinity war, Venom Eddie Brock, Venom Agent Venom, Spider-Gwen and Mantis. So you could use any of those if you run out of healthpacks or don't have the quick team available. IMHB and Nick Fury have the most effective nukes with imhb's red and Nicks' yellow out of those characters.

The boosted 3s are Captain America (3), Ironman model 40, Spider-man, and Squirrel Girl.  

If you don't have any usable 4s, then try Captain America, Ironman 40 and your choice of Spider-man or other 3s to cover the colours. Kumala kahn should do quite well. You can use Captain America blue at 5 covers to overwrite countdown tiles if necessary.

Good luck, have fun. hit the bosses as much as you can every 8 hrs.


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    Wolverin3 has great synergy with IM40 for these events. Too bad he wasn’t boosted. I have been doing well with Hammer Juggernaut instead of Morbius, but will probably make the switch at higher levels. These two are not quite the push overs that Galactus was, though not necessarily tough
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    Yep, had to switch to Morbius at round 8 lol. Juggernaut wasn’t doing much. A champed Kitty would probably eat Molten Man alive. The biggest challenge I found was an effective 1v1 character. I used Be4st for the lower levels but he was ineffective against Sandman. Luckily, I have Miles Morales champed so was able to do some invisibility cheese to get by Sandman and Venom. Boosted pink and 4* Chimichanga FTW.