CotT - Would you like some stun with your stun? Rogue vs Iceman

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I don't think I have ever been stunned so many times as the first fight in this Crash. Iceman made it in to double figures! I know his powers are dialed back but after unrelenting pummelling, even the very resistant Rogue was beaten down. I couldn't match Green and there was no red to be had! Round 2 and I tried to aggressively match blue but still ended up stunned somehow! However then I got my big break, cascade of red and green! I smashed a flying punch into Icy that left him seriously injured and tried to just stay unstunned. I of course failed and had to eat a green aoe and a punched snowman to the face but in the end I got there via match damage, never having actually acquired the green needed for Rogue to go all explode-y.
A tough one to be sure but they can't all be Iron Man Mark XLVI!


  • KGB
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    I must have gotten your Green. I had her Green out on turn 3 (locking his Green). The Green kept falling and I exploded about 5 turns later and he was dead.
    One of the easiest crashes ever thanks to the hordes of Green.
  • PuceMoose
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    I too experienced the "Spectacular Stun Show!" I lost my first fight, even with a reasonably beefy Rogue (290), and I stared in disbelief as Iceman managed to use his blue ELEVEN times over the course of the match. Granted he matched away his own countdown most of the time, so I think I only took one actual carrot-punch. He finally finished me off with green (probably out of pity, since I was just about stunlocked by then). 

    The second match decided that it was time for a forest fire on the board (red and green and black everywhere), so I managed to get green rolling pretty fast. One green hissy fit from Rogue did the deed and earned the prize.