There are more tutorials than Origin Storys. (A cautionary tale)

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At: Origin Story (top page). White arrow> right side of screen. Swipe right. Or left. Anyway. I didn't do that for almost two months. Just jumped right into events..  My wife and I have a two person collation. 303th and proud mfkrs. And we would have gone higher if I'd known she was going to take it so seriously.  Or maybe if we had known about FREE TUTORIAL CARDS before now.
Neither of us noticed there were Stories (aka' Tutorials), after Origins. The only reason I found this out was a card I wanted: 'Murder'. True to it's name this f#$k!ng card kept killing my best creatures. I also strongly favour black. So me wanna'.
I used the handy-dandy card finder. "Where do I find this spell I seek?!"
It told me: "Play this mission, you stupid sh!t." And then BOOM like Magic. You GAVE me the card!  I wanted two months ago. It's STILL a great card. I will cram this into my already bloaded black killie deck.
Every deck is a little program that runs a little piece of music. Harmonys. The more the harmonies converge, the better it plays. And the best harmonies don't just play an effective song. They play beautiful ones. Hypnotic Then, you randomly meet dark twisted weirdos and have their dreams meet your nightmares in magical mortal combat.  But when two perfect  pitches collide in a mathematically improbable wormhole.  You don't just play the cards. You just watch the story unfolding before your eyes. In wonder that you had a hand in creating it. By picking pretty pictures and playing powerful cards.
You know... My posting this has exponentially increased the probablity I'll be getting killed by 'Murder' a lot more in the future. You're welcome.Liliana sends her love.