CotT - Get out Mah swamp! Lizard vs Namor

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Having a Lizard Crash so early caught me out with mine not finished and languishing at lvl70. Even so, this could not be accepted - that stupid spock eared fork wielding dofus Namor might "rule the seven seas" but not Lizard's swamp! Lizard had just settled down to a nice snack of fresh rodent and a glass of chianti when Namor busted in ruining things trying to get him to sign up to some campaign about fish or whatever! Lizard briefly stunned Namor with a "I don't care" but Lizard was so shocked when Namor started Imperiousing his Rex all over the swamp he lost his bearings and before he knew it Namor was on the verge of signing him up for a door to door knocking campaign! I quickly levelled up Lizard to 135, armed him with Taskmasters sword and +2 AP and had at the sea scoundrel! Surprisingly, Lizard absolutely trounced Namor! I guess Taskmaster's sword helped but Lizzie just demolished him with black and a green, ejected him from his swamp and settled back down in time to watch a Godzilla movie.


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    My swamp story was pretty similar to yours - I was a little surprised to see that my Lizard was only 3/2/5. Luckily, his anger at Namor for refusing to wear trousers before entering his swamp helped fuel his righteous fury at this unexpected pants-less intrusion. "If you won't wear pants like a decent individual, at least put on a shirt!" "said Lizard, trying to avert his eyes. I SHAN'T!" roared Namor, and the battle was on.

    Despite my indignation Lizard failed on the first attempt, but leveled up to 127 with Taskmaster's Sword helped him out the second time. I only managed to use purple, but it was enough - even at level 127, five covers in purple meant each fortified tile did pretty good damage when it hit the top row. Namor tooted his precious little horn once, but it was too little, too late.