CotT: Scorpion vs. Sandman

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Scorpion's first Crash! I think he's another fun four-star, though once again I forgot to champ him after getting him covered some time ago (currently 3/5/5). My first attempt at level 70 didn't go well at all, as sandman pounded me into a pulp rather quickly. 

I leveled the ol' Scorporooni up to 127 before giving it another go. Armed with a small parcel of extra AP (and Chewie), he did much better the second time. It was still a rather fun, close match - Sandman's hourglass ran out when I was down to 318 health, it was a bit of a nail-biter.


  • DAZ0273
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    I love Scorpion! Champed Scorpy made short work of Sandy although arguably what damage would scratching and stinging do a big pile of sand? Well whatever Scorps has on his claws and stinger it worked out well!