5* Champ move - seeking advice

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I have just about enough iso to bring my first group of 5* to Champion land.  Right now these are all at level 400, need 171,303 Iso each to max... (then how much to champ each?  I have 588k Iso now.  These are the 5* I have 13 covers for (in parenthesis number of saved covers)
Archangel (2)
Cable (2)
Cap Marvel (1)
Hela (2)
Iron Man (1)
Spiderman Black (1)
Spiderman Parker (0)
Storm (1)
Wasp (0)
Old Man Logan (0)

My gut tells me Hela, Cable  one other...  or should I wait for Kitty and BRB to get their last covers (have 11 for BRB and 12 for Kitty)

Thoughts, suggestions...

Thanks for the ideas!


  • DAZ0273
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    There are probably two sides to this coin - one skewed by boost week and the other skewed by power creep.
    Having 10 champed 5* will give you a pretty wide choice of characters with a decent chance of boosting each week. Having a 550+ character obviously opens up things - especially in mowing through PvE but also PvP.
    However, 5* PvP is completely full of meta characters (Switch, Colossus, BRB, Apocalypse, Kitty etc) and playing non-meta could put a target on your chest, even in a boost week. Although Hulkoye teams are not such a big problem now, they are still out there and the best defence against them from what you have listed is Kitty/BRB. BRB is also as you may well know part of a winfinite team that really relies on him having enough health to survive long enough to get it going - so having him champed is a no brainer. Kitty/BRB/Cable would be a pretty OK team - they synergise and although there is colour overlap the powers do different things that compliment each other - i.e Cable making strikes for Kitty to buff or using his blue to get charged green for BRB (and also stun).
    So personally I would try and bag the missing covers so wait. You could try single 5* MMR - if it proves too rough then you could always champ a couple more to see if that improves things.
  • Anon
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    If you can, waiting for Beta Ray Bill and Kitty would be the best bet. But if you really want one now, you could do a lot worse than Hela.
  • JohnRhino
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    Thanks friends!  I was kind leaning towards waiting for some more choice characters to get to 13 covers.... but patience is hard when you have the iso.....

  • Srheer0
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    Keep your 5s under the level of your 4s. If you get desperate you can level them to 50-30 levels below your 4s.  

    Beta Ray Bill, Apoc, Kitty, Wanda and Colossus are probably the best 5s currently (ignoring boosted 5s).
  • Tony_Foot
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    If it was me coming to 5* now with the boosts as they are I’d softcap and never enter properly unless I was prepared to 500 and out in pvp. It’s too painful being matched with double boosted when you have one or none that week. They should sort the mmr so that can’t happen, but they won’t, so I would softcap.

     No way I’d enter 5* with that list you posted. Sadly the boosted list now is a pain for new players to break into 5* land. You would actually be better hoarding for two 550s and using them forever.
  • mpiter
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    Srheer0 said:

    Beta Ray Bill, Apoc, Kitty, Wanda and Colossus are probably the best 5s currently (ignoring boosted 5s).
    I am surprised that you did not cite Okoye.  Is she not considered as one of the best? Has Apoc became better than Okoye?
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    at 450, Apoc is better than Okoye. Okoye works best when she tanks her colors.
  • Sekilicious
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    Wanda also uses TU for tile conversion. Apoc don't care. This does not presuppose that Okoye is not the best booster in the game, just Apoc and Wanda have better synergy. 
  • Daredevil217
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    I think Apoc is better than Okoye but most have Okoye at way higher levels where she is of course going to be better. If I was starting the game today and could be gifted a 450 Okoye or Apocalypse, I’d choose the latter. If I was given a free 550 I’d still choose Apoc. 
  • dianetics
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    If you had to choose a single 5 to run Apoc would probably be where it’s at. He has a great boost, he creates protect tiles, and has two damage abilities.
    Your hands are less tied to a specific color to do damage. Not to mention, if you bring a mutant he can’t be stunned. He synergizes with himself better than probably any toon in the game. So you are really free to build compelling teams around him.
    He is the target for my second team and I’m close to completing him. I did not target him before because when I was eyeing my jump he was not in latest legends.
  • Jacklag
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    Anon said:
    If you can, waiting for Beta Ray Bill and Kitty would be the best bet. But if you really want one now, you could do a lot worse than Hela.
    Isn't 5* Storm a lot more useful than Hela?