CotT: Silk vs. Misty Knight

PuceMoose Posts: 1,445 Chairperson of the Boards
My low-level fully-covered Silk (127) had a pretty tough time with this fight. My downfall was never being able to control green - one hit from Misty's green power meant an instant lights-out for silk. Finally, on attempt number four, armed with Taskmaster's sword, Silk managed to send Misty to the canvas just before she was able to rudely punch Silk right in the snozz. 

I remember thinking that Silk looks like a fun character, and just never got around to champing her. Though I've never really messed around with "Spider teams", I bet she could be a valuable asset to one.


  • DAZ0273
    DAZ0273 Posts: 9,770 Chairperson of the Boards
    Silk is a very solid 4* - I particularly like her power where you can chose what special to add to the board. Misty is quite good too so it was a decent scrap but I managed to finish Misty off before she could get her green nuke so it was all. good.