2.0 UPDATE is now available!

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Hi everyone!

We are excited to share that the upcoming 2.0 update is now available!

Wanted to provide the community with the latest updates and apologize for the radio silence. After several months of internal development, the team has been working diligently to incorporate feedback to improve the gameplay experience. 

It may take some time getting use to  - we hope everyone enjoys these changes, as the team has re-hauled base building, combat, unit design, and much more!  

New updates for 2.0

  • New exclusive characters - Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes (2021)
  • Full Base Customization - Build your Joe or Cobra base anyway you please!
  • Unit, Buildings and Spell balancing improvements across the board 
  • Expanded sea area, and improved sea combat elements
  • Combat overhaul - more strategy during battle!

A peek at some of the new changes!

Full Base Customization
The shackles from the previous system has been removed. You'll now have access to multiple versions of almost all buildings to build them whenever you want. Fully customize and test your defenses with multiple lay outs. We've added 2 more!

More Strategy during Battle!

Stat changes have been made to every unit in the game, giving them more purpose, strategy and opportunities for counter play. Rather than using the same groups of units over and over - we think these changes help players and fans think twice where to place Snake Eyes when infiltrating behind enemy lines! We're expanding the range and scope of info display for every unit, allowing more accurate and detailed info - allowing you a greater understanding of each unit's unique capabilities

Get ready to dive into water!

Ever looked out over the beautifully animated water of your base and thought. "Why am I not taking advantage of this? So have we. There will be 50% more playable and buildable water areas! On top of that we're adding more buildings 

We look forward to sharing more info to come - until then stay safe & YO JOE!


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    AP generation is broken.. if you have to wait 20seconds to get one vehicle in. 3 min battle how can you 3 star…
  • KiwiSAS
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    Getting connection error when trying to start battles.. fix the game 

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    We will pass along the feedback to the team!

    Thank you for your patience, as we work to provide a better gameplay experience