Galactus Boss Event teams

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Hello again. Continuing my spree of hopefully helpful topics for boss events.

Teams that work for Galactus, read below :)  

From memory, he's not a tile mover. He makes countdowns each turn that in turn, turn tiles into another kind. Every turn he destroys the other kind of tiles (consumes) and gains AP for it. When he gets a large amount of AP, you instalose. Can't be stunned as per all other bosses.  

2star Black widow. She can extend his countdowns and steal AP by matching. Very useful vs him, but can be a tiny bit too slow in rounds 7 and 8 where he gets a big amount of total HP.  

3Star - Ironman40 should prove a useful nuke and AP battery. If he's boosted this event, even better.
Kumala Khan - Pink can convert selected colour basics into green basics. Can be good for
H3wkeye - Should be able to generate blue and Pink AP from matching Galactus' countdowns.

4Star Morbius. By matching his countdowns, morbius should be able to destroy most of his other countdowns on the board. No countdowns counting down to 0 means you can outlast him and win. Morbius also has some self healing with his Blue.

Chavez. Seeing as he isn't a tile mover, you will get atleast a 2 turn headstart to get her rolling. Additional crit tiles made by her passive will be good at destroying his countdowns or other special tiles.


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    I was able to power through to progression with Juggernaut, Polaris, and Grocket, without a countdown ever going off. The IM40 (or Vulture), Hawkguy, Old school BW combo apparently can extend the countdowns so they never go off though. I never tried it but I imagine that IM40 would be the main damage dealer in this scenario. 
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    You can literally match damage Galactus to death because you get so many free shots at him before he does anything, so anybody who can hit hard. As I had just champed him I used Adam Warlock and it was normally over pretty quickly, even Round 8.
  • Srheer0Srheer0 Posts: 210 Tile Toppler
    I ended up using R4G, Polaris and Morbius on both my accounts. Was super easy. And we like super easy boss events.

    Next one is likely to be either the teamcap vs team ironman one, the mysterio hydroman one or the sinister 6. I haven't seen those in a while. 
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    I think the Sinister 6 was in March, so probably one of the other two I hope. I started playing again the end of February and played S6 right after. I had trouble with the Sandman section because my roster was not nearly as developed. Hopefully the Mysterio event. That is new since I took a break a couple years ago. 
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