Why won't they remake The Sentry.

I knew Sentry was bad, but I had almost forgotten how much bad, TO WHICH DEGREE. And now, with the current PvP event (which requires him) is more painfully evident than ever how much of a gangrene he is. 

I'm watching the AI suicide him nearly everytime with his yellow. Why does he sacrifice so much health for a mere strike tile that doesn't even have that much strength to begin with? Couldn't he at least, at the very least, be able to choose where to create the said tile so that at least it doesn't go away when he has the horrible luck of creating the tile in a place where it's possible to make a match with it? Wasting his health for absolutely nothing in return?

Why does he hurt his team AND himself so much? He's supposed to be an incredibly broken OP (yet mentally unstable) superhero, with a regeneration factor better than Wolverine's or Hulk's. Couldn't he have some kind of fake healing ability to compensate for him hurting his team and self this much? Or at least make the damages worth the health sacrifices.

I'm dying to see a remake or Mr. Reynolds really. The state he's in atm is currently worse than ****. Easily the worst hero in this game. A few others also hurt their own team but they're usually worth the health loss.


  • VALACKVALACK Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    If they gonna remake sentry then it gonna 4 or 5 *
    they never re-balance  or make balance thing. only new release for money
    I send mail for new sentry too... for several times. they only said considering and thx for opinion always.
    but nothing change. they gonna just do it what they want
    give up and just pray for they gonna make all new sentry
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