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Hello everyone,

PvP has finally arrived! But as you need to be in a coalition to be able to play it, we are creating this thread so that coalitions can find new players, and players can find active coalitions. This thread will work as follows:

If your coalition is looking for new players:

  •  Inform the name of your coalition.

  • Specify the type of player you are looking for (more competitive or more casual, Tier and any other information you feel is important to mention like language, local time, etc).

  • Inform the number of spots available.

  • Make your coalition "Public".

If you are looking for a new coalition:

  • Check the list below with the available coalitions and find the coalition with the specifications that best match your profile.

  •  Enter the game, in the menu click "Coalitions", then "Search", select the option to search by name, enter the name of the coalition click to join.

We will make a list below with the coalitions available, we will separate by Tier and by the style of play, any other specification will be placed as a note below the name of the coalition. Look at the example:

Bronze and Silver - Casual

  •  Example 1

  •  Example 2

Silver and Gold - Competitive

  •  Example 1
    (Note: Exclusive to German-speaking players)

  • Example 2

To make it easier to view, we will always keep this list of coalitions up to date. To facilitate this process I ask you to put in your comments only the information requested above and to avoid comments on other matters. Also, when the available spots are filled, please edit your posts and tag them as [Full coalition]

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