CotT: Prof-X vs. Elektra

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A tale of pure RNG.
First time though, a turn or 2 after I went invisible she destroyed the tile with a match 4 and I was never able to get enough to go invisible again. Despite being lucky enough to match her Red trap once, I could not find / match the 2nd one she got out and she eventually whittled me to death in a long battle.
Second time though, I went invisible early and remained so for 90% of the match because it was well placed on a side and I ended up winning after losing barely any health since while I was invisible I was immune to her Black and Red trap damage.
What's funny is the in both matches I got a match-5 early on for tons of damage and then another one mid match and in both battles the 2nd one happened a turn or so after her Shadow Step had just been cast so it did nothing. Essentially I had 2 identical battles and the luck of the invisible tile placement meant a loss vs winning with essentially 0 health lost.


  • PuceMoose
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    I nearly missed this Crash, and just remember to do it a few minutes ago. I felt a little bad for Elektra, as I managed to go invisible on turn 3 thanks to a great starting board. With my invisibility tile safely lodged in a corner, and my Chewie support occasionally pumping out attack tiles for the Good Professor to buff, Elektra's matching days were numbered. It's the first crash against her I can ever remember where she didn't get enough black to cast shadow step, so the Prof felt pretty smug at how well his mind games worked against her. 
  • DAZ0273
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    It took ages for Prof X to get any purple but fortunately Elektra was kind enough to give him some strike tiles for free. The pair of them then eeked away at each other until Prof was finally able to go invisible and start to get an advantage in health left. Of course Elektra then got her Shadow Step and so it was back to matching and waiting, hoping she didn't steal or match any of my strike tiles or destroy my Invis tile. In the end I never did get a single Match-5 but she was eventually ground down.