Which third 5*?

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After having champed Okoye and Kitty, and having iHulk 110 (the powers, not the level) and the meta 4* championed, which 5* should I cover? I hesitate between BBR, Apocalypse, Thor, and Adam Warlock. I mainly play PVE SCL10.

I thank you for any piece of advice.


  • mpiter
    mpiter Posts: 77 Match Maker
    I have more than 2600 CP.  I plan to use them in the current special Kitty/Apocalypse/DP vault that will end in less than 48 hours because I have not actually champed Kitty yet. Any insight within 24 hours about my question (previous post)  to choose where I will put the shards (almost 4 4* covers and more than half a 5* one)  will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Srheer0
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    BrB is a part of winfinite teams, so my vote would be for him.

    I play PVE SCL9, not 10, but I hear he is essential for cheesing certain challenge nodes by using him with polaris and 1star Juggs.

    In terms of priority, I would say

    BRB first
    Apoc second
    Adam last

    I did find myself using okoye and iHulk with boosted Profx (5) in this pve though.
  • Sekilicious
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    You probably don’t need Apoc within Okoye and Kitty champed. Another damage booster likely won’t improve your speed much if at all.  Depending on his coverage, 2600 cp wouldn’t get you there anyways. I would likely hoard cp until Thor or BRB become available in a store. 
  • mpiter
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    OK, thanks to both of you.

    What I gathered here is that Adam's black increases speed of Hulkoye. Some people even think that that trio could currently be the fastest PVE team. But he does not seem to have many other usages.

    On the other hand, BRB seems part of several good PVP and PVE teams.  I heard the same thing than you Srheer0.  Also Britty + Polaris, or BRB + Polaris + Okoye.

    I do not actually have Kitty champed. Her powers are at 341. So, I plan to use most of my 2600 CP right now in the hope to end up with at least 12 covers or 13 if I am very lucky.  But I will put my shards in Throg and BRB. Then I will hoard CP till there is a BRB vault as you suggest Sekilicious.

    Thank again to both of you. I will just wait another 24 hours to see what other people could say, but it will probably be Throg + BRB.