Alter reality [Investigating]

Julie71Julie71 Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
edited 20 July 2021, 14:07 in MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues
When casting the card either from the hand and or graveyard it doesn't drain mana or raise it of unburied.   Just seems to fizzle.  I have it on video


  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 1,829 Chairperson of the Boards

    Hello @Julie71 ,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue will be investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me.


  • MachineMachine Posts: 567 Critical Contributor
    I can confirm this behavior. I've cast Alter Reality a few times but it doesn't seem to do anything.
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