CotT: Peggy Carter vs. Wasp

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I feel a little bad for Peggy, as she has a passive that's quite powerful, but... she came out just before the "Marvel Passive Quest" rampage began. It took some of the shine off of her, which is a shame, as she's a solid character. 

Anyway, apparently she has some beef with Wasp. Wasp is one of my favorite 4*, and with her cheap abilities I expected her to give my champed Peggy at least a little trouble. That turned out to be the case, as Wasp managed to sting Peggy not once, not twice, but three times over the course of battle. It ended up being a lot closer than I expected, but my blue countdown went off just at the right time to put Wasp out of commission. 


  • DAZ0273
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    Peggy is not ideal one v one and first time out my champed Peg was storming ahead until Wasp starting getting black and blue AP - next thing I knew I had been stunned into submission and heavilly damaged. It still looked on to win until a cascade matched Wasp's countdown and Peggy got punched right in the chops. Round 2! Peggy again raced into the lead, I hit Wasp with a red and was going well, she started to fight back but I fired blue. It obviously can't stun her but she desperately scrambled to match my tile to no avail and when it went off, Wasp was swatted.