Which third 5*?

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After having champed Okoye and Kitty, and having iHulk 110 (the powers, not the level) and the meta 4* championed, which 5* should I cover? I mainly play PVE SCL10.

I thank you for any piece of advice.


  • mpiter
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    I still hesitate between BBR, Apocalypse, Thor, and Adam Warlock. Any suggestions?
  • Sekilicious
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    Choosing between BRB and Thor is your best bet. Getting Thor to 5 green covers would improve your speed in PvE greatly, though BRB has incredible synergy with Kitty and Polaris and would increase your survivalbilty. I would personally go with BRB with the caveat that if if Thor was closer go with him. Or hoard until a store comes out with a couple of great meta characters and let that make my decision for me. 
  • mpiter
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    Sorry to have initially sent my question here.  I saw after a few days without replies that I was in the wrong place.  I copy/paste the post to create another thread in the right place where you replied yesterday.

    After your reply and someone else's I decided to go for BRB. Thor is not compatible with iHulk because he destroys the green that iHulk needs. I am not sure that Thor does a faster job than iHulk against a full team. It is a similar situation than Jug4 vs Medusa in the 4* level before we got Polaris. Using boosted Jug AOE attacks against a full team is better than a boosted Medusa target attacks.  So I prefer to keep Hulkoye right now and go for BRB. I am not even sure that Thor is such an interesting asset since iHulk has become available. I therefore put the shards in Throg.

    Thanks for your reply. It confirms the choice.
  • Srheer0
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    Thor is such an interesting asset since iHulk has become available.

    Thor is a great red yellow and green battery when at half health.

    Ihulk just makes green tiles and sometimes deals aoe damage to the enemy team.

    So Thor can potentially feed half the 5star tier AP when they are boosted
  • mpiter
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    Thanks for your comment.  I had not thought about using him as a battery for the other. I had just the Thorkoye destruction machine in mind. Very good too know.

    I realize now that he can also be used to restore Okoye's health. I currently carry out an easy fight with Okoye + C&D + Hood to generate yellow for Okoye's health when she ends up with very low health after a fight. It saves health packs.