Crash / Soft Lock > game client [Investigating]

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In a few months time I've had some strange happenings when starting the game. Sometimes my avatar and xp bar disappear, buttons below screen wont react, can' play event battles, can start story battles but only if I completed the standard decks, no custom decks. Buttons below wont work but can go to vault by the menu button left top corner.

Normally it's once a few weeks, but last time was yesterday, and now it happened again... When it happens I need to reinstall, it's the only way I know how to solve my little problem... please look into this

Device: Galaxy tab S2, SM-T713
OS: Android 7.0
Ingame: YagKosha


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    Thanks for the feedback, this issue will be investigated!

    To help us, can you please send me your UID? Remember to never post publicly your UID number on the Forum, you can PM me or send it to Customer Support if you prefer.