New Alliance, TheVoid looking for members

dokiy Posts: 237 Tile Toppler
Hey all, we are a new alliance that a few veteran players started. We are looking for players of all levels who want to work on PVE and Alliance Events!

All we ask is you play daily, communicate regularly, and just have fun playing a mobile game. No PVE/PVP levels to hit and no spending requirements. 

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, please look up TheVoid in game and join up! If you want, message me here as well!


  • dokiy
    dokiy Posts: 237 Tile Toppler
    Happy Holidays all! 

    Are you looking for a casual alliance to play in during the holiday season and perhaps longer? Has the daily grind wore you out? 

    Come join TheVoid! We are a small group of players that have older rosters and we play for fun, chat, and just hit what we can and try out best in Alliance Events.

    If you want, come check us out in game and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Again, the alliance name is TheVoid