"Tiarin Hino MPQ" YouTube Channel - Welcome to MPQ (A Bo Burnham Parody)

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Hello Community!

I'm playing MPQ for total of more than 3 years, although I've started almost right at the beginning. I was always enjoying this game for its mechanics and variety of characters. And I was always trying to figure out what are the best ways of playing either PvE or PvP using different teams. Some of you might have even seen some of my notes in the Line chat rooms.

Since couple of weeks I've decided to start YouTube channel focusing on sharing my knowledge and thoughts to community. I'm quite knew to content creation, but I'm doing my best to deliver high quality content. I'm going to release at least 1-2 Videos weekly covering different topics like: best PvE teams, best Supports, how to beat specific teams in PvP, how to use new characters, how to beat Puzzle Gauntlet or Shield Training etc.

I'm open to any feedback so please feel free to write me your thoughts either here or directly on YouTube. I would post any new Videos in this thread.

And as my first Video I want to share with you my tips about beating Puzzle Gauntlet with nothing but 3* characters. Video has timestamps in description for each node, to make navigation easier for you. Enjoy!


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    Thank you for proving it is possible with 3stars.

    *Disclaimer* I may or may not know the person in question  :)
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    Hello everyone! Sorry for big delay between videos, but here is my breakdown on best PvE teams for 3* players. It includes team suggestions, cover distribution and helpful supports. Check it out and let me know if you know better teams!
    I will post 4* and 5* later, so stay tuned. Enjoy watching!
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    I want to share with you my new video to Kate Pryde release. It's done in a format of an Interview with Captain America as a MPQ expert. I hope you would enjoy it! Or at least have some fun watching me trying to act as Cap ;)
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    For me, the volume was too low.  

    I watch youtube on my TV and the usual volumes are somewhere between 20 and 30. I had to put the video volume Between 37-40 to hear it.  

    Can't argue with your assessment of her weaknesses.
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    Why is this guy getting flagged? Are his videos a violation of some kind?
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    I've made a MPQ parody of Bo Burnham's "Welcome to the Internet" from his Netflix special, "Inside". If you haven't seen it, check it out it's very special ;) I hope my terrible voice hasn't destroyed your joy :)