Is Wanda Worth It?

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I have finally saved up enough pulls to unleash my hoard, and I am wondering if Wanda is worth it.  I've seen people get excited about her, so it looks like she might be good, but maybe not great for me.  I have fully covered BRB, Carnage, Thor, Hela and with Prof X and Okoye almost there - but they are all only leveled to ~350.  My goto team is BRB and Polaris which works pretty well for PVE and getting top 100 in PVP without too much effort or shield hopping. 

I am not too impressed with Knull and Ronan on paper, and even to me, Wanda looks good, but maybe not great.  She seems like and iHulk counter (which I don't really have the need for as I don't see too many of him), and I hear she pairs well with Apocalypse (whom I do not have).

Would Wanda be any better for me than Thorkoye or BRB/Polaris?  How fun is she to play? 

Thanks in advance.


  • Srheer0
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    It's a shame you missed out on colossus. He's got great match damage and works well with Wanda.

    Wanda to me, is one of those 5s that an function well enough without a full kit.  

    If she has 1 purple and some greens, that's all she needs to be useful.  

    My alt account has 5 covers of her and no green yet ><.

    Wanda is VERY fun to play. Her pink is a more versatile version of okoye's boost.  

    So you get 3 pink ap, pick a colour and every turn you'll make some tiles of that colour if the < # of tiles condition is met. but that's not all. She also boosts the damage of all your allies active powers by a flat % per coloured AP you have that you picked.  

    So if you used her with BRB and Polaris in Sim, you can chose either blue or green tiles to target with her pink.  

    Each coloured AP you chose will boost both BRBs active blue and active Green. Can't remember if it works on polaris'ses passives.

    You'd have to figure out the maths to see how much more damage you would get per AP for your level of BRB. The maximum it goes up to is 5% if she has 5 in pink.  

    And we haven't even discussed her green. Wandas green stores charges every time a character of yours takes damage from the enemy team. And each charge reduces damage received by a % up to 80%.. Then on your next turn you deal dmg back to the enemy based on the number of charges it had.

    Her blue temporarily means a targeted enemy takes more damage from your powers. I always run this at level 3. It's good, but her other powers seem better with the added levels.

    Hope I helped, you either want to pull to complete her. Pull to get some greens and hopefully a pink, or save for the next bunch of 5s that are cool. Or save for anniversary or when she's in a special fan favourite etc store.