Can we get more ways of getting 5star supports?

Srheer0 Posts: 510 Critical Contributor
Hi D3.

Please can you design a champion reward style system or "saved covers" system to let us increase the rarity of supports we pull?  

I've done puzzle gauntlet to completion every time since it has come out and I think I only got one upgrade from all the tokens.

I have every support in the game bar the seasonal stones and nearly every token I redeem gets red iso8 as the reward. My red iso8 coffers are bursting!

Perhaps once we get 10 of a specific support we can pay an amount of red iso8 to increase the rarity by 1 stage?


  • Notwen
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    In the last Puzzle Gauntlet, all the tokens just gave me duplicates, no fun.
    I would suggest every Puzzle Gauntlet should be the introduction of a new support. I imagine the new support would often be tied to a recently-released character. Anyone completing the Gauntlet would be guaranteed a new support they did not previously have.
    New characters are being released constantly without new supports, this plan would partially make up for the support deficit this is causing. New supports would also be a way to boost an existing character that is generally considered too weak (I know, that would help in pvp).
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    I'm in the fortunate position of having five 5* Supports, but at the same time, I still have eight 2* Supports.  I'd really like to see more tokens added to the game.  I would have loved to see Element Gun and Milano vaults during Star-Lord's Daily Workout.  I think that was a missed opportunity.  But more opportunities to land Master Support tokens would also be nice.  Can't we have a Master and a couple of Advanced, and some red iso, in Deadpool's vaults, please?

    And yes, some new supports would be lovely.  I really enjoy them overall, despite the frustrations in collecting them.
  • Heartbreaksoup
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    I hoarded for a while and opened nine basic support tokens and two advanced.  Every one was a duplicate.  Come on, guys, the 30k red iso was nice but I'd like to unlock some powers a little more often.
  • Katakuri1
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    Hopefully there will be more opportunities to obtain the elusive people support tokens