Ultron Boss event teams?

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Ultron is my favourite boss event, so howabout we post characters we have success with?  

Ultrons gimmick is he drops nukes on you. Similar to Monica Rambeau as her repeater tiles crawl down the board to the bottom row.  

Due to this mechanic, a lot of special tile or countdown / repeater tile users are not very effective against Ultron as they can only be on the board for 7 or 8 turns maximum before they reach the bottom.  

He isn't a tile mover. So you could bring America Chavez and get a load of free crit tiles as you will always have more AP than him after a turn or two (or turn 1 if you use AP boosts).  

The team I will use is Chavez and 2 other strong match damage characters.  
Ghost, B4ast, Karnak and Juggernaut all work from the 4star tier.
C5lossus, Cy5lops and Killmonger all have ways to increase match damage. Ihulk could be useful if he tanks any nukes that touch the bottom of the board because he should resurrect. You just risk bad board shakes by converting random tiles to green every turn.  

Characters with targeted destruction or tile swaps can be useful;
Black Widow Grey suit (high AP costs though)
Rogue's red power
J4ggs Bllue power
Wiccan's green (random and high costs)


My final mention would be Morbius. There is a chance he will destroy multiple nukes if you match 1 IF they count as "Special" tiles. I know during the Th5nos boss fight in the out of time PVE sub, the infinity gauntlet tiles counted as special or enemy tiles.


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    This help immensely. I have been using Polaris, Grocket, and Juggernaut to power through his health but expect the later rounds to be crazy hard. I do have Karnak and Chavez champed so hopefully that makes Rounds 7 and 8 easier.

    I was going to go with IM40, GSBW, and Cap3 if that doesn’t work. Boosting yellow with a couple of supports that give it at the start and a chimichanga on GSBW might make the difference. 

    Morbius won’t work unfortunately. The tiles are neutral, like web tiles, to avoid Kitty shenanigans. 
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    Yep. I can confirm the "drop" tiles that the game refers to them as are not "enemy special". Dissapointed, but not surprised because it would ruin any sort of difficulty.

    Still confusing as I know for a fact someone's power that targeted "enemy" special tiles destroyed infinity gauntlet gems in the last 6 months :(

    If anyone is feeling frisky, you could try running Main Event Hulk (maybe with 3 in his passive tile swap instead of 5) or Riri if some of the nukes get near the bottom of the board, use her blue to shuffle.

    I expect polaris r4g and J4ggs will do well up to round 7 or 8. That's the team I am using on my alt.

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    I came too late to this thread. 
    But best success I had against the Ultron boss was with Charles' Angels team (4* PX + 3* Witch + GSBW). Even though it worked for the most part, sometimes I was just unlucky I couldn't get GSBW's red and/or green nukes to avoid an Ultron bomb tile landing on the bottom row.
    I tried Polaris + Patch + Daken but it only worked twice for me, so I screwed that.

    The outer nodes were not particularly worthy of mention, I just wrecked them with Polaris + Daken and the required hero for the given node.